Thursday, December 29, 2005

Alternative formula to 6-2-3-2 formula – teach terminologies in private tutorials.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Onn is strongly urged to call off the 6-2-3-2 formula which is to be implemented in all SJKCs Standard 4 to Standard 6 next year, in which the extra four periods allocated for teaching Science and Mathematics terminologies in English will be offset by a reduction of two periods for teaching Science in Mandarin, one period for teaching Mathematics in Mandarin and another period for Moral Education (Pendidikan Moral).

If 6-2-3-2 formula is to be implemented just to teach four extra periods a week on terminologies, this can actually be done outside normal schooling hour without sacrificing four precious periods a week for SJKC schoolchildren to learn the subjects in mother tongue.

Through its Life Long Learning network and Langkawi Project funding, MCA should be able to set up tuition classes for students. Thousands of MCA branch offices nationwide which are well-equipped and heavily funded can be turned into tutorial rooms for students to follow their “English Terminology Classes”. MCA can also subsidize those students from area without any MCA branches to attend private classes.

Learning should be a fun for schoolchildren and there should be no examination for these courses as the whole purpose is to enable school children to have the eagerness to learn because of interest and not because of examination.

The classes can be opened only for Standard Six students as teaching terminologies alone may not make up many periods from Standard Four to Six. Furthermore, terminologies-teaching is meant to enable students to adapt to Science and Mathematics which will be fully taught in English at the Secondary level.

Instead of pushing for the implementation of 6-2-3-2 formula, there will be a number of advantages if these suggestions can be materialized, especially when mother tongue education will not be heavily affected.

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