Friday, April 24, 2015

Update on Skim Teksi Percuma for DUN Kampung Tunku / 甘榜東姑州選區免費德士計劃的最近資料

Besides making calls to my service centre at 03-79544724 for booking, registered and approved residents can also made calls or send text messages to the following numbers: 
  1. 012-6834724, 
  2. 012-6924724 and,
  3. 018-6692477.
Applicant must indicate their name, IC numbers, pick-up address, pick-up time, destination and other information that is relevant to the booking. Incomplete information may cause delays in the booking. The application form can be downloaded here.


  1. 012-6834724,、
  2. 012-6924724以及
  3. 018-6692477。

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