Monday, October 05, 2015

Letter from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to PAP MPs on Rules of Prudence

I think the following letter can serve as a good guideline for us elected representatives in Selangor and across the causeway to benchmark upon, and for the general populace to evaluate our performance.

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            It is a tradition for the Prime Minister to send a letter on “Rules of Prudence” to all the PAP MPs after an election.  The context each time may be different but the subject remains constant, because integrity, honesty and incorruptibility are fundamental to our Party.  We must never tire of reminding ourselves of their importance.

2.        Our Party has won 83 out of 89 seats in the just concluded General Election, with all seats contested. Overall, the PAP won 69.9% of the votes. 

3.        The people have endorsed what we have done in the previous term, and given us a clear mandate to take Singapore forward beyond SG50.  Now we must fulfil what we have promised to do in our manifesto. We must never break faith with the people, but must always carry out our duties to them responsibly, address their worries and advance their interests. 

4.        Be humble in victory. As MPs, always remember we are servants of the people, not masters. Do not mistake the strong election result to mean that our efforts have succeeded, and that we can afford to slacken. Much work remains to be done tackling issues which concern Singaporeans, and finding new ways to improve people’s lives. Listen hard to voter concerns, help them to tackle pressing needs, and convey their worries and aspirations to the Government. Persuade them to support policies which are in their own long term benefit, while helping the Government to formulate good policies and stay in close touch with the people.


5.        One vital factor that has enabled the PAP to retain the trust of Singaporeans all these years is honesty and integrity. The PAP’s reputation for clean, incorruptible government is one of our most precious assets. As PAP MPs, your personal standing reflects this high standing of the Party as a whole. I cannot stress strongly enough that every MP must uphold the rigorous standards that we have set for ourselves, and do nothing to compromise them. Never give cause for allegations that you are misusing your position, especially your access to Ministers.  That would discredit both you and the Party.

6.        As MPs, you will come across many different sorts of people. Many altruistic, public spirited individuals will help you without wanting anything in return, spending time and money to get community projects going and to serve residents. But a few will cultivate you to obtain benefits for themselves or their companies, to gain respectability by association with you, or to get you to influence ministries and statutory boards to make decisions in their favour. Gift hampers on festive occasions, entertainment, and personal favours big and small are just a few of countless social lubricants which such people use to ingratiate themselves to MPs and make you obligated to them. 

Friday, October 02, 2015

My message to Salleh Said Keruak: Do not talk, walk! Tell us what happened to USP since 2013!

Media statement by DAP ADUN for Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San on 2nd October 2015 in Petaling Jaya:
Recent remarks made by the newly appointed Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak, in responding to statement by the DAP Parliamentary Leader, Sdr Lim Kit Siang on issues of slow internet speed and coverage highlighted by a recent report released by content delivery network services firm Akamai Technologies Inc., does not help fellow Malaysians to understand how his Ministry will overcome the various shortcomings that our country is currently facing in providing faster, wider and cheaper internet services to Malaysians.

When the Minister is responding to issues, he is expected to inform the people what are the ongoing action plans that have been and will be taken by the authority, notably the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Instead, Salleh’s blogposts are more rhetorical than factual although he admitted that Malaysia is lagging behind than many Asian countries in terms of average internet speed and coverages, including nations like Sri Lanka and Thailand, something which he cannot deny anyway.

This is what Salleh Said Keruak said: “Lim Kit Siang just talks about speed. Malaysia’s focus is speed, coverage and affordability. We want to ensure that by 2020 at least 95% of Malaysians will have access to the Internet. And we also want to ensure that at least 50% of urban areas and 20% of rural areas have broadband speeds of 100 Mbps.”

Let us be frank with Salleh: Firstly, Malaysia is neither developing fast enough in terms of internet speed, coverage and affordability. Secondly, Malaysians are not interested on how bad we are compared to other countries. Indeed, we are saddened and disappointed when Malaysia is ranked behind Sri Lanka and Thailand. Thirdly, do not compare Malaysia with some other third world countries and tell Malaysians how better we are. Race to the top, not to the bottom. Fourthly, as Minister, tell Malaysians what you are going to do to give Malaysians faster, wider and cheaper internet connection.

I would like to refer the Minister to an article entitled “Lower broadband rates may be a pipe dream” written by Ng Wai Mun in Focus Malaysia dated 28th Feb 2015, that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chairman Datuk Seri Dr Halim Shafie had been reported as saying "MCMC will be carrying out a review of retail rates and will work together with the industry to develop broadband packages for the long-term benefit of end-users."

The report further says that various research studies have shown there is a strong correlation between broadband speed and take-up with the magnitude of a country's gross domestic product (GDP) growth. It also says that the 2012 International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report on the "impact of broadband on the economy" that an increase of 10% in broadband penetration will contribute 0.7% points to GDP growth.

The current broadband take-up rate is relatively low because of high rates charged by the telecommunications operators. Consumers pay high prices for slow connection speed. For example, Singapore's Singtel offers 1 Gbps at S$55 and S$100. In contrast, a 5 MBps broadband plan for a household in Malaysia cost RM150 and above. More businesses are embracing the internet as platform to expand their business but failure to provide such logistic support will retard economic growth.

Last but not least, the Minister should also explain to Malaysians what the government have been doing with Universal Service Provision Fund (USP Fund). The Universal Service Provision Fund (USP Fund) was established under the provision of Section 204 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998 which is controlled and operated by MCMC.

According to 2008 MCMC’s annual report on USP Fund, the fund serves sole purpose of implementing network facilities, network services and applications services in the underserved areas and communities. All licensees except for Content Applications Services Provider (CASP) license holders, whose weighted net revenue derived from the designated services exceeds Minimum Revenue Threshold of RM2 million for the previous calendar year shall contribute 6% of their weighted net revenue to the USP Fund.

It is sad and disappointing that the latest MCMC’s annual report on USP is not available online. So, my fundamental question to the Minister, besides what he needs to answer Sdr Lim Kit Siang, is what has happened to the billions of ringgit MCMC collected from licensees in the name of USP since 2013? Would he care to give us an honest answer?

Lau Weng San
ADUN Kampung Tunku

Questions to the Chief Minister - email your questions to me at

Hi, My name is Lau Weng San, DAP Assemblyperson for Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya. 

The upcoming Selangor State Legislative Assembly will commence on the 30th October 2015 and the heart of the debate this round will be the Selangor State Government budget for the year 2016. As usual, each Assemblyperson will be tabling a total of twenty questions, ten questions for oral replies and another ten for written replies to the Executive. The deadline to submit these questions is 9th October 2015. 

Most Assemblypersons will be drafting their questions, limited by 40 words each, by themselves. In the past, some of us have also put up announcement in social media asking the public to contribute questions or issues for us to raise in the sitting. I am thinking of doing this exercise a little bit different this time, and that is the reason why I am doing this short video, with the hope that it will reach out to more people. Bear in mind, I can only ask questions related to the administration of the state government, issues like police, hospitals, 1MDB or schools etc are under the Federal government. 

So if you have an issue or question, email me at before 8th October. I will collect all the questions and issues, rank them according priority and draft a question on it before the deadline. Thank you. Regards, Lau Weng San ADUN Kampung Tunku.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

How to move our public buses faster?

Time to act

The Federal Government wants us to follow the laws all the times,
They want us to pay our fines and taxes on time,
When we want them to explain something, they say no time,
When we want them to do something, they say it is not the time,
So, if you want to change them, now is the time!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


以下文章刊登在2015年9月號的《思想戰線》。除了通過各州社青團索取《思想戰線》,有興趣的民眾也可以在辦公時間,聯絡民主行動黨政治教育局執行秘書張玉剛(電話:03-9200 5000)了解詳情,或到雪隆區內的各大中文書局如學林、商務及上海書局免費索取,也可以按此下載PDF版







社青團全國政治教育局主任沈志強在其文《我支持女性固打製的理由》中提到:“當我們提出30%時,我們是在談所謂的決定性少數(critical mass),這個科學概念談的是,少數必須累積到一定的數量,才能達到改變遊戲的轉折點。”





Thursday, September 17, 2015

Surat terbuka untuk Bapak Presiden Joko Widodo

17 September 2015

Yang Terhormat Bapak Presiden Joko Widodo,

Terlebih dahulu, saya mengucapkan Salam Sejehtera kepada Bapak Presiden dan seluruh warga Republik Indonesia. Saya juga memohon maaf kerana tidak dapat menulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Biarpun begitu, saya percaya sabagai bahasa serumpun, tulisan saya dalam Bahasa Malaysia pastinya boleh difahami oleh Bapak, sebagaimana saya boleh memahami tulisan-tulisan dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

Saya berasa terharu dengan kemenangan Bapak sebagai Presiden Republik Indonesia (RI). Kemenangan Bapak dilihat dan dipantau oleh dunia sebagai titik balik untuk Indonesia menjadi negara yang besar dan penuh kebajikan. Sejurus Bapak dipilih sebagai Presiden, Bapak telah mengambil beberapa langkah untuk menjadikan RI sebuah negara yang ditadbir berasaskan prinsip Rule of Law. Saya terharu dengan kelincahan dan ketegasan pentadbiran RI dalam membanteras pencerobohan perairan oleh bot-bot nelayang asing sehingga ada juga bot nelayan daripada Malaysia yang ditahan dan ada juga yang dibom di tengah-tengah lautan sebagai hukuman. Saya pasti ketegasan pentadbiran Bapak akan membuahkan hasil.

Namun begitu, ketegasan ini juga perlu dilihat dalam usaha pemerintahan Bapak dalam mengatasi masalah jerebu atau kabut asap (haze) yang berpunca daripada pembakaran hutan di Sumatra dan Kalimantan. Masalah jerebu telah menyebabkan banyak masalah ekonomi, kesihatan dan sosial di kalangan rakyat Malaysia.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mana-mana pihak yang masih berangan-angan berpakat dengan PAS bakal dihukum para penyokong Pakatan Rakyat

Kenyataan Media oleh ADUN Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San pada 15 September 2015 di Petaling Jaya:
Mana-mana pihak yang masih berangan-angan berpakat dengan PAS bakal dihukum para penyokong Pakatan Rakyat kerana parti PAS semakin dilihat mengkhianati perjuangan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pada tahun 2013.

Justeru itu, pimpinan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) perlu tegas dalam konteks ini, iaitu kemenangan parti PAS, DAP dan PKR adalah berasaskan kepada komitmen ketiga-tiga parti ini dalam menegakkan agenda perjuangan PR yang terkandung dalam pelbagai dokumen dasar sejak tahun 2008 dan manifesto PRU13 PR.

Hasil permuafakatan ini mempamerkan peningkatan kerusi DUN yang dipegang PR khususnys di Selangor dalam PRU13 di mana PAS khususnya menang 15 kerusi DUN berbanding PRU12. PKR sekurang-kurangnya dapat mempertahankan kesemua kerusi DUN yang dimenanginya pada PRU12 jika tidak kerana persaingan tiga penjuru di DUN Semenyih dan Kota Damansara, apabila persaingan tiga penjuru di DUN Kota Damansara sepatutnya boleh dielakkan kalua bukan kerana PAS meletakkan calonnya di situ.

Walaupun PKR menghadapi cabaran getir dalam PRK DUN Kajang (berikutan krisis MB) dan PRK Permatang Pauh (berikutan boikot jentera PAS Pulau Pinang), tetapi PKR pada keseluruhannya masih dapat mengekalkan kedudukannya disebabkan komitmennya untuk melawan kezaliman UMNO dan BN.

Pada masa apabila negara kita dilanda krisis ekonomi dan rakyat perlbagai kaum semakin muak dengan alasan-alasan yang diberi oleh Perdana Menteri merangkap Presiden UMNO berkenaan dengan skandal RM2.6 bilion wang “derma”, sikap dan pendirian pimpinan PAS kelihatan agah goyah dan lemah. Malahan Presidennya pernah berkata bahawa jawatan Perdana Menteri yang dipikul Najib Razak sekarang tidak harus ditukar kerana “beliau dipilih rakyat” sedangkan BN telah disifatkan sebagai sebuah kerajaan minority kerana hanya mendapat peratusan undi sebanyak 47% sehaja.






Monday, September 07, 2015

Kesimpulan perbahasan saya tentang DEIG dalam sidang DUN yang lepas

Kenyataan Media oleh ADUN Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San pada 7 September 2015 di Petaling Jaya:

Saya ingin menyimpulkan pandangan dan ucapan saya dalam sidang Dewan Negeri Selangor (DUN) yang selesai dua minggu yang lalu berkenaan dengan isu Darul Ehsan Investment Group (DEIG).

Tujuan saya menulis perkara ini sekarang kerana tidak ingin perkara ini mengganggu fokus rakyat jelatan terhadap isu 1MDB, masalah-masalah ekonomi dan perhimpunan raksasa Bersih 4.0. Namun begitu, perkara berkenaan dengan DEIG ini tetap penting bagi saya.

Saya pernah mengganggotai Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas ABAS sejak penubuhannya pada tahun 2008 sehingga 2013. Saya telah dipilih untuk menganggotai semula Jawatankuasa Pilihan ini sejak November 2013 sehingga sekarang.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pertanyaan-pertanyaan sidang DUN kedua tahun 2015

Pertanyaan-pertanyaan Lisan:

1. Gaji, elaun, elaun khas, keraian, bonus dan ganjaran untuk kakitangan atasan GLC
Memohon kerajaan memaklumkan gaji, elaun, elaun khas, keraian, bonus dan ganjaran untuk semua kakitangan atasan GLC. Jawapan boleh diberi dalam satu skala lingkungan.
Adakah kerajaan mempunyai satu skala gaji dan ukuran prestasi yang seragam untuk semua pegawai atasan GLC

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lanskap politik baru: Rakyat akan untung.

Kenyataan Media oleh ADUN Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San pada 20 Julai 2015 di Petaling Jaya:

Jawapan di atas ialah jawapan saya kepada soalan yang dijadikan sebagai tajuk kenyataan YB Dato’ Iskandar Samad, Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor yang dikeluarkan pada 18 Julai 2015.

Lanskap politik baru ini tertimbul susulan tindak-tanduk dan gerak-geri beberapa pemimpin pusat PAS yang membelakangkan Rangkakerja Dasar Bersama Pakatan Rakyat atau Common Policy Framework, yang merupakan tunjang kepada Manifesto Pakatan Rakyat Selangor, sehingga memenangkan Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor di mana PAS menjadi parti yang menerima manfaat paling besar dalam PRU yang lepas dengan tambahan kerusi DUN daripada lapan (PRU12) kepada 15 (PRU13).

Maka adalah tidak susah untuk memahami situasi pada PRU14, di mana parti yang membelakangkan Rangkakerja Dasar Bersama Pakatan Rakyat atau CPF akan menerima padahnya dan akan dihukum seberat-beratnya oleh penyokong dan pengundi yang memberi kepercayaan kepada Pakatan Rakyat dalam PRU13.