Monday, August 20, 2018

Revoking the ban on AP to import plastic waste ought to be exercise carefully

Media statement by PH-DAP ADUN for Banting, Selangor LAU Weng San on 20th August 2018 in Banting:

I am aware that the Ministry of Housing and Local Government has decided to revoke and lift the ban on the issuance of Approved Permits (AP) for importers to import HS Code 3915 plastic waste for plastic recycling plants operating at Free Trade Zones (FTZ) and licensed manufacturing warehouse (LMW)-status plants with immediate effect, in which such decision in my personal sincere opinion must be exercised carefully with huge caution.

While I am also aware that such decision was made to allow plastic recyclers operating in certain area, ie FTZ and LMW-status plants in Malaysia to continue to import plastic waste under the heading of HS Code 3915 which is claimed to be homogeneous, clean and not scheduled waste and is an important raw material in the recycling process, I also urge the ministry to consider the following in alleviating the fears of the people, especially the people of Kuala Langat, that such decision would not allow the return of illegal factories which had previously caused severe air pollution in the district.

The local authority had in the past conducted two major raids and operations with other enforcement agencies and had continue monitoring activities in these factories. Such efforts have proven effective in reducing the emission of irritating smells in Kuala Langat, especially in Jenjarom. Such efforts should not be ended in vain.

Therefore, the ministry can consider announcing the list of AP holders, importers and LMW-licensed plastic manufacturers requiring such import of plastic under the heading HS Code 3915 which are operating from FTZ.

The ministry should also consider announcing the location of these plants and work hand-in-hand with Department of Environment and Kuala Langat District Council (MDKL) to ensure that these plants are operating in full compliance of the laws and regulations imposed upon them. 

In view of the seriousness of the decision of the ministry, I will seek to meet and discuss the matter with the Minister and her representative from the Department of Solid Waste Management as soon as possible to clarify the matter to avoid any unnecessary confusions or speculations amongst the people of Kuala Langat.

Lau Weng San.

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