Monday, May 29, 2006

Protest on oil and tariff hikes on 28th May 2006

A man was hand-cuffed and brought to the police car.

The FRU started shooting water cannon to the crowds.

I was barred from taking photos by this FRU member. I almost fall down because of his pushing!

"Look! You guys better get off my sight! Or I will bite you!"

Dr Hatta was addressing the crowd. He was the first speaker.

I have seen the copter a few times, but never it is so close to my eyesight until I can see the word "POLIS" beneath it. It was trying to fly low to interupt the demonstration with strong wind.

A group of protestors came out with a banner.

"Come on lah! Respect my right! Look at the Constitution! Read what it says!"


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