Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Use your own road to Paramount View, say Kg Tunku residents

YOU can’t use our roads to get to the new condominium.
That’s the stand of residents living at Jalan SS1/25 and Jalan 22/44 in Petaling Jaya, angered by the on-going construction of the Paramount View condominium in the Kg Tunku area, near the Paramount LRT station.

The pro-tem action committee, comprising residents living paround the project, is considering putting up a wall at the “blind ends” of Jalan SS1/25 and Jalan 22/44 to prevent the roads from being used as entry points for the condominium, which began construction in 2006.

The planned wall will be 20m long and 1.75m in height, said a resident, who declined to be named.

The main complaint has been that the project’s developer had put up a signboard stating that Jalan SS1/26 would be the entrance, but is not using it.

“As it stands, both Jalan SS1/25 and Jalan 22/44 are barely 9m wide. These roads will not be able to handle the extra traffic from this new development,” said another resident.

The residents’ committee claims that under the Petaling Jaya City Council guidelines, the access road should be at least 15m wide.

Apart from the anticipated congestion, residents are also worried about condominium residents parking on the road kerbs — as is usually the case outside many condominiums in PJ.

The Paramount View condominium is slated to have 233 units, and could result in an extra 1,000 people in the neighbourhood with an existing population of over 3,000 residents.

The residents’ committee wants the local council to insist the developer sticks to its original plans.

They suggest the council make Jalan SS1/26 as the main access road, then on to Jalan 21/27.

“It will cost some RM500,000 extra to build a ramp from the condominium to Jalan 21/27. This proposal will only affect the entrance of SS1/26,” said a resident.

Meanwhile, Selangor State executive councillor for Local Government, Study and Research Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, said a review of the project’s plans could be possible.

“I need the complaints from the residents as no one has brought the matter on the condominium to my attention. I will act on it upon receiving the official complaint,” said Liu when contacted yesterday.

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