Tuesday, October 30, 2007

DAP Petaling Jaya to attend MBPJ Fullboard Meeting tomorrow

Petaling Jaya City Hall or Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) will hold their monthly full board meeting tomorrow 10:30am at MBPJ head office in Petaling Jaya. DAP Petaling Jaya will be present to observe any possible rulings or decision of the City Hall expecially on the following matters:

These matters are:
1. the conversion of an open space (which is also the only green lung in Sungai Way New Village) into a parking lot, commercial centre and low cost flat;
2. the arrangement of Ramadan bazaar in front of a Hindu Temple in Sungai Way New Village.

Besides that, we will also pay attention to any ruling and decision made by the City Hall on various development programmes and issues raised in the full board meeting.

Although we have not revive local council election, taxpayers are still allowed to attend full board council meeting as any decision or policy made by the council must be discussed, endorsed and passed in the full board meeting. All appointed councilors are required to attend the meeting.

Therefore, taxpayers will have the opportunity to notice councilors who are incompetent when they fail to voice out for the people against any decision of policy which are unsustainable and to the disadvantage of the taxpayers. This in turn will become an indirect check and balance on the performance of the council.

We have already informed the Mayor by mail yesterday and both Tony Pua (economic advisor to the DAP Secretary-General) and I will be present at the meeting.

We also encourage the taxpayers to attend the meeting in order for them to be well-versed with the running and operation of the City Hall.

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