Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Low cost flat in Sg Way - Be careful of MCA's words

I just read a Star Metro news article today entitled "Low-cost homes for PJ squatters".

I sincerely urged squarters resided in Kampung Michael Chen, who are provided the low-cost flat to be extremely careful with the words of Wong Sai Hou.

Before 2004 General Election, YB Wong Sai Hou and YB Chew Mei Fun, the then State Assemblyman for Kampung Tunku and MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, assured them that they will get their land titles before 2004 election.

With their words, some villagers went on to spend thousands of ringgit to renovate their houses happiliy as this would mean that they house will be retained and will not be demolished by the authority.

Unfortunately, nothing materilised even though they secured huge majority support from the people. News of their houses to be demolished spread out after 2004 GE and eventually their houses were all demolished to make way for development.

In fact, I should not say that they were squarters as they resided in that area with the helps of the then MCA Housing Minister, Michael Chen in the early 70s. They were all supplied with electricity and water and they paid their quit rent and accessment to the governments. This is quite different from the typical squarters that we understand.
The DAP have highlighted this case several times here and here.

Now, their beautiful houses were demolished and they are offered low-cost flat. Who is the developer? Taipan Focus, a problematic developer which have been complained numerously by residents in Kampung Baiduri. Please refer here for details.

This is also the same developer that want to grab away the only green lung in Sungai Way New Village. Proposals are already submitted to MBPJ. I will attend the Council's full board meeting tomorrow to check out the details for it.

Low-cost homes for PJ squatters

ALL primary occupants squatting on government land at Kampung Micheal Chen, Kampung Desa MB and Kampung Seri Setia will be offered houses at a low-cost project near Jalan SS 9A/14, Petaling Jaya.

Kampung Tunku state assemblyman Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou, who announced this recently, said members of the squatters’ extended families were also eligible to apply for the low-cost units.

Dr Wong: Preliminary work on the project has already begun. Wong said the happy arrangement was reached after much negotiation and discussion between the residents and the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) over a five-year period.

“Credit must also go to PJ Utara MP Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, who had worked tirelessly with me to ensure that the occupants of government land at Kampung Michael Chen, especially, are given a fair and equitable deal,” he said.

According to Wong, the authorities have instructed the developer Taipan Focus Sdn Bhd to proceed with the signing of the sales and purchase agreements by next week, with the aim of completing the low-cost project by mid-2010.

“We believe that this date is achievable because all approvals and permits to start work have been given as at Oct 20, and preliminary work on the project has already begun,” he said.

All occupants of Kampung Micheal Chen, Kampung Desa MB and Kampung Seri Setia, who have been duly verified and registered by the MBPJ as squatters, are advised to call Wong at 03-7875 9493 or the developer’s office (03-3371 6010) if they do not receive any offer to execute the sales and purchase agreement by Nov 7.

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