Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gerakan Single Multi Racial Party - A Reply

Email from "James Bond"

My advice to the Gerakan is “Don’t Dream”. Ask your Mentor Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu. Look, you chose to be in a racially divided political coalition voluntarily. Don’t bring up your racial problems pretentiously.

It is on record that Dato Onn bin Jaafar wanted to admit non Malays into one single party for all Malayans called UMNO (United MALAYANS National Party), but was rejected by the UMNO members then. “The supremacy of the UMNO cannot be compromised”. So the Supremo namely Dato Onn had to leave UMNO. Dato Onn then formed the Independence of Malaya Party and later Party Negara to further hi s belief of ONE multi racial party for al Malayans. However he did not go very far for obvious reasons.

It is very strange that his grand offspring did not buy his conviction. Instead this grand offspring waved a keris in anger in an UMNO Youth AGM during 2006 against the non Malays. While it can be said that having a keris is a custom and tradition of the Malays and is accepted by all, it was the shouting and the belligerent demeanour of this human being that is worrying the non Malays! Incidentally, if the grand offspring wanted non Malay blood, there is no need to use a keris. We non Malays will participate and donate blood in good faith to the UMNO’s blood donation campaign.

The British gave independence to the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others. But today it looks like only the UMNO Malays are enjoying the fruits of independence. This the de facto scenario although UMNO will keep on denying it till thy kingdom come.

Up till the 1969 General Elections, the Alliance Party coalition consisted of UMNO, MCA, MIC and the “Alliance Direct Membership Party”. So what was this ADMP all about?

Tunku Abdul Rahman founded the ADMP. The ADMP is a Political Party within the coalition, that is, within the Alliance. Bring out this ADMP constitution. It is a Party of the future for all Malayans then, IRRESPECTIVE of race in multi racial Malaya. Eventually it will replace UMNO, MCA and MIC. If you say it is impossible, I would say at least an endeavour had been made. Tan Sri T.H.Tan, an ex Senator was the Secretary General then. His son is still alive to testify what I had said.

Immediately after the 1969 General Elections and 13th May 1969, Gerakan who was in the opposition then, wanted to join the Alliance. On record, in 1969, Dr Lim Chong Eu (later Tun, the ex MCA President, English educated but a leader of the Chinese educated in the MCA) and Leader of the Gerakan joined the Alliance, BUT NOT THE ADMP!

38 years later, we have the Gerakan shouting away that “Gerakan Youth called for the merger of all Barisan parties into one to ensure national unity”. As if is something new which comes from the Gerakan! As if this is a grand new idea. This is in fact a hypocritical statement pulling wool over the younger generation’s eyes! Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu was at this Gerakan National Delegates Conference as at 6th October 2007. Tun Dr Lim was seen laughing away although he may not be laughing on this particular matter. I wonder whether he had advised his younger members that the Gerakan was not interested in the ADMP then. Maybe I can understand that was 38 years ago and somebody was unknowledgeable. Please don’t hoodwink the younger voters!

Coming back to this grand offspring, he said that to form a single Barisan Party, it needs a lot of sincerity and political will. So if the Barisan Single Party does not materialise after this, then the present UMNO the dominant party and every members in the Barisan does not have enough sincerity and political goodwill!

“No advantage from merging BN parties”. “No need for merger”, said the PM. Yes I agree. UMNO Malays are calling the shots. The supremacy of the UMNO Malays cannot be compromised. Why the need for a Single Party?

“Not practical’ said the PM. How come it was practical during the reign of the Tunku up till 1974 until Dato Abdul Razak (after that Tun) took over. It is probably not practical because a non Malay can easily and theoretically, become a PM! Mana Boleh!

“Must take place gradually”. “A process of evolution”, said the DPM. How gradual is gradual? Till eternity? Till thou kingdoms come?

“Any merger should be allowed to take place at its own pace”. “A need to allow integration and unity to grow and a Bangsa Malaysia to develop” said Muhyddin Yassin.

How can our society be integrated into a Bangsa Malaysia when you have bumiputras and 2nd class citizens/ how long “at its own pace” will this dominant and superclass mentality go on?
“Rank and file at grassroots must approve” The ADMP had been approved in the 60s.When Barisan was formed the formation of a single Barisan party was conveniently forgotten. This formation of the Barisan National was a racist plot and a political racial action by the powers that be during 1974 to perpetuate and consolidate the ethnic biased political parties and groupings to the advantage of UMNO.

Why must Samy Vellu be bringing up the problems of the Indian community per se? He is a racialist! Why can’t Samy Vellu bring up the problems of ALL poor Malaysians by being a Minister of a single Barisan Party?

My advice to the Gerakan is “Don’t Dream”. Ask your Mentor Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu. Look, you chose to be in a racially divided political coalition voluntarily. Don’t bring up your racial problems pretentiously.
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