Saturday, September 20, 2014

How I first joined DAP in 2004?

Yes, that was my name, my mobile number (no longer in use) and my email address (my first when I was clueless on what user ID I should use, so I just put "Ah Swa", my first name to be pronounced in Hokkien but I am neither a Hokkien nor a fluent Hokkien speaker) sometimes in 2003/2004, when I first started working as a Process Engineer in a Oil & Gas Process Design Consultancy Firm in Kuala Lumpur.

I remember during those time I was very enthusiastic about politics and it so happened that I was staying somewhere close to DAP Hq. I attended their forums (Sdr Kit Siang was not in Parliament and I guessed that was the time DAP organised many forums to enlighten the people on politics). Those were hard times for DAP, we are not the leading the opposition bloc in Dewan Rakyat. Kit Siang and Karpal were not in the Parliament and everybody was feeling very good with new PM, Pak Lah.

These simple paper is how we used to reconnect with those who had participated with our activities. Simple but effective. So effective that I am now part of the team.
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