Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Don't protect the rotten system

Ong Ka Ting’s reply to a RM10 salary cut motion moved by DAP MP for Cheras YB Tan Kok Wai on 28th November 2006 in Dewan Rakyat was not only unconvincing but it was this reply that gave a grave impression to the public that Ong Ka Ting is protecting the current rotten system and has shown a bad example for others as he allows law-breakers to become lawmakers in local level.

Recently in Klang, although there are eight BN leaders who broke local by-laws, for example not paying assessment, did not submit building plan to the council for approval before construction and etc, are appointed to be Klang Municipal Councilors. And one of the eight is Datuk Song Kee Chai, MCA Youth Kapar Divisional Chairman. Song’s factory was discovered as not submitting any plan for the extension of his factory but he sworn in as Klang Municipal Councilor on 24th November.

Song’s appointment as councilor reveals the ugly and hypocrite side of MCA when the party top leadership has been calling for clean leadership. How can MCA appoint a law-breaker like Song to be councilor when they clamed that all names submitted by MCA are vetted through and candidates are all called up to pass their interview sessions before they can be appointed as councilors.

This only shows that the system and the so call internal vetting system in MCA is equally problematic when they can let Song escaped scot-free when he at the end of the day is still councilor. When there are law-breakers sitting in the legislative hall as law-makers, what legal and moral authority we have to ask the public to obey law? How are we going to explain this to foreign investors who expect their monies and investment protected by laws and orders?

What Ong Ka Ting should do is to utilize his position as MCA chairman to knock out law-breakers from our councils. Else, all MCA councilors’ integrity are highly questionable. Ong Ka Ting and MCA should be responsible for bad governance in local councils as they are the supporters for a rotten system.
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