Friday, December 01, 2006

Give us lights in SS2 at night

The PJ Action Team (PJAT) had decided about two months ago, that instead of having numerous dialogues with police, which to date has not been proven its effectiveness in tackling high crime rate in Petaling Jaya, we rather try our best to rectify the lacks of street lamps and the increasing malfunctioned street lamps in Petaling Jaya, which itself is a long overdue problem known to a lot of us who stay in Petaling Jaya.

One of the major suggestions for local governments to adopt towards a safe city is to ensure that there are enough and bight lightings provided in major areas in each municipality. This is outlined in Point 16 of Safe City Programme – an Illustration of 23 Steps For Crime Prevention by the Town and Country Planning Department of the Peninsula of Malaysia.

An announcement was made earlier and we received some complaints from time to time. Eventually, we took up the task to kick off the first patrol in SS2, Petaling Jaya as the complaints we received main come from this area.

We spent roughly two months to complete the patrol with photos in which some of the photos are provided by the residents who complained to us. These photos were taken in October and November and show the deplorable conditions of street lamps in that area.


SS2/4&6 : Street lamps malfunctioned along the roads. (PB210023, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32, 36, 37, 40)
SS2/7 : No light at Taman Bahagia Garden (PB210038)
SS2/12 : Two lamp posts malfunctioned near park at junction with Jalan SS2/25 (PB210019)
SS2/14 : Lack of lamp posts along the street (PB210010, PB210013)
SS2/17 : Lamp post malfunctioned (PB210043).
SS2/18 : No light at park (PB210016)
SS2/21 : No light along the street (PB210022)
SS2/22 : Lack of lamp posts (PB210010)
SS2/24 : Lamp post malfunctioned at junction with SS2/43 (PB300014)
SS2/24 : Lamp post malfunctioned at junction with SS2/41 (PB300013)
SS2/24 : Lamp post malfunctioned in front of junction with SS2/65 (PB210047)
SS2/25 : two lamp posts malfunctioned. (PB210016)
SS2/30 : Lamp post malfunctioned. (PB160029)
SS2/34 : No lamp post at entrance from Jalan SS2/39 (PB160034)
SS2/35 : Lamp post malfunctioned (PB160030)
SS2/38 : Lack of lamp posts (PB160021)
SS2/43 : Lack of lamp posts (PB160022)
SS2/44 : No lamp post at entrance from Jalan 21/3 (PB160020)
SS2/45 : One light functioning only. No light at park. (PB210045)
SS2/49 : No light at park. The street is lacking of lighting (PB210042)
SS2/52 : No light at park. (PB210045)
SS2/54 : No light at lamp post. (PB160018)
SS2/75&80 : No light at the corner road (PB300018), Lamp post malfunctioned in front of Murni Restaurant. (PB300015).
SS2/80 : Lamp post located at junction with Jalan SS2/77 malfunctioned. (PB300019)
SS2/80 : Lack of lamp posts at junction with Jalan SS2/91, nearby the park. (PB300020)

Our finding shows that there are at least 30 lamp posts malfunctioned and more than 10 black spots in SS2 alone as illustrated in our descriptions with photos above. It has been a rule that electric posts surrounding all parks and playgrounds must be equipped with lamps but a check around all parks and playgrounds in SS2 reveals the opposite, i.e. the parks in Jalan SS2/80 whereby there is a black spot at its junction with Jalan SS2/91. This poses danger towards for those who exercise in the morning.

There is an urgent need for Petaling Jaya City Hall (MBPJ) to work in collaboration with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) to rectify the problems. We will hand in our findings to the area manager of TNB for him to take immediate actions to rectify the situation. The finding will also be copied to Datuk Bandar of Petaling Jaya for his attention.
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