Thursday, May 07, 2009

Contempt of Constitution!

Perak State Assembly turned into a gathering of gang-fights today. Malaysia and Perak become the laughing stock of the whole world.

The way Perak State Assembly Speaker YB V. Sivakumar dragged out forcefully from his chair and the State Assembly is most outrageous and shameful.

How are we going to call the House as "Dewan Yang Mulia", when we can allow outsiders to rush into the chamber and drag the Speaker away?

What law we have in Malaysia? The police personnels, the IGP, and fake speaker, the CPO and the OCPD must pay for their act of contempt of constitution.

This is the highest level of contempt to the State Assembly that I have never witnessed before.

Please do not call Malaysia a democracy now, at least not in Perak, my homestate, because democracy is dead in Perak at the moment. Only the living people in Perak are able to revive it through a free and fair state election.

Coming back to Selangor, we still have a lot to do. The doctrine of separation of powers must be quickly instilled in the heart-and-minds of our civil servants. There should be no mercy for those who could not perform, even if we have to remove them immediately, do it by all means. Even if it has to cost us compensation in the court, do it by all means.

If you ask me whether the Pakatan state governments can still work with Federal Government agencies, I am now doubting it very much. If you ask me whether I have confidence in the police force, I am doubting it very much too.


Manature said...

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NEO said...

The "Fucking" Umno contractors which had secured their jobs from Majlis Perbandaran have not performing their duty and responsibility recently.

Please terminate they contracts immediately. Let the rakyats, IKS (SME) business operators to take over.

Please set-up a Committee to implement this task immediately.

First, establish a "database" which consist of all outsourcing work awarded by all Masjlis Perbandaran (with details such as contract period, expiry date, contract sum and scope of work). Conduct a business background / company profile search at Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia is necessity. You may realise that most of these contracts end-up with few rich individual that also Umno members.

Second, establish a Committee to review the "value for money" for all this outsourcing contract. Evaluate the performance of these existing Umno contractors. Terminate those could not performanced.

Finally, prepare to award the new contracts to the real small and medium business operators (which didn't use the earning from these contracts to finance the political agenda)

What happened to "Pemudah Selangor", sleeping?