Thursday, March 31, 2016

Taking public transport to DUN?

I am at public transportation mode today. I arrived at KTM Seri Setia Komuter Station at about 9:32am today.

I missed the train at 9:40am, thinking that the train is a female coach. I took the next train at 9:55am and arrived at KTM Shah Alam Station at about 10:19am.

After that, I took the Selangorku free bus offered by MBSA, SA01 which departed the KTM station at the same time.

I arrived at SUK Gate 1, my destination at about 10:27am, approximately 7 minutes later, to attend the Selangor State Legislative Assembly sitting.

Have I not missed the first KTM coach, I should have arrived ten minutes earlier at SUK today.

Yes, public transportation is a viable option. I am proving it to you.

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