Saturday, October 17, 2015

Update on Sungai Way Deepavali Bazaar #1

Deepavali Bazaar in Sungai Way - These are the two minutes of meeting that I am still keeping in my old archive, one in year 2010 and another in 2014.

Complaints started coming in in 2009 which prompted me to interfere in 2010 and subsequently lay down the conditions, which the hawkers had agreed to follow.

in 2014, after several years of failure in resolving the problems, the council was prompted to meet another time to resolve the issue. Interestingly, it was noted in that meeting in para 2.8 that one Mr Samy wanted to "represent" the traders to apply for the licenses.

There are also several paragraphs which I have marked for your reading. Apparently, there are additional (stricter) conditions that they have to follow. One of them is that the council has the right to revoke their licenses and take legal action against them should any hawkers violate rules and regulations laid down by the council.

The issue of biasness does not arise in this meeting because neither me, Mr Sean Oon​ nor Tony Pua​ attended this meeting. Interestingly, this meeting was attended by two non-DAP MBPJ Councillors and it was chaired by an Indian Councillor from PKR. I am aware that he is still serving in the same position.

The conclusion are: The problems that we are elaborating does not happen yesterday. It happens years ago. Meetings had been held, relocation were proposed as early as in 2010. The hawkers disagreed. Conditions were imposed but were broken year-in-year-out to the extend that a meeting had to be held in 2014. Stricter conditions were imposed which gives the power to MBPJ to revoke licenses and charge lawbreakers to the court.

If we are so racists, inhumane, so ce****a, we would not have given a full five years to Mr Saminathan and his "friends" to do business in the old place.

We would not even have to close both eyes on all the rules and regulations they had broken. We would not even care if Mr Saminathan has got one license for his wife and another one for his 22-year old son.

The reason of me posting up these documents is very simple - many people are commenting without the necessary background information - some may choose to ignore these information and prefer to go by their emotions, while some do not even bother to ask me about this.

Let's be straight and honest in carrying out our duties as politicians! What say you?

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