Friday, April 06, 2007

Govt project shelved coz of fengshui

This must be the most funniest thing that I have ever heard in my life: Government project shelved because of some supernatural beliefs that the project will disturb the Feng Shui of an ADUN's property.

Read the story by Z. Ibrahim:
Z. Ibrahim

MB ill-advised to scrap project

I read with interest Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo's decision to stop the construction by an international conglomerate of a RM400 million hospital in Teluk Gadong, Klang.

Apparently Khir was "advised" to do so by his political comrade-in-arms and Klang Municipal Council (MPK) councillor Datuk Teh Kim Poo on the scientifically questionable grounds that "it would be bad feng shui for his neighbourhood, himself included, and that they feel the value of their homes will drop".

Because of this superstition and without a proper debate by MPK itself, yet again Teh appears to have single-handedly shooed away a significant foreign investment which would have given many in the Klang area work in the proposed 14-storey hospital.

The cowboyish antics of Klang councillors never seem to amaze the public.

Despite his belief in supernatural forces, Teh had no such coyness when he bulldozed his way into building a Perpaduan (unity) building with open-air pit toilets on a children's playground in Southern Park, Klang, three years ago despite all the protests by residents whose homes face the project.

Indeed, even before a proper plan was drawn up, Teh accelerated the construction of the building. There was no mentri besar or Teh or MPK to listen to the residents' grouses and eventually the courts came to the rescue of the residents.

The decrepit building with its overgrown shrubs and open-air pit toilets right in front of residents' homes on a pristine green playground has been left abandoned, and is a danger to children playing in the vicinity and a dengue hazard. It should have been demolished swiftly in the interests of public safety but this was not done.

Teh appears to show no remorse save to hide behind the phrase sudah jadi kes mahkamah ("the case is before the courts"). His dreams of conducting cooking and aerobic lessons at his personalised Perpaduan building at the children's playground appear to have diminished.

A RM400 million investment is something this town would definitely benefit from and the MB must seriously review his decision as this may negate efforts by our Ministry of International Trade and Industry in getting investments to come to Malaysia.

The MB should perhaps also review his association with self-centred politicians. The other MPK councillors must debate this decision and bring development to the people of Klang. And this they must do soon lest they are yet again caught in publicity nightmares not unlike the infamous Zakaria Deros affair.

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