Friday, April 06, 2007

No service, just rude delivery

By No Help Rendered
Petaling Jaya

Yesterday, at 9.30am, I tried to call the Immigration Department at Putrajaya at the number 8880 1000. I dialled the number 10 times and on each try the phone rang for 30 times without anybody answering. I gave up.

At noon, I tried again for five times before someone answered. I could not get to the person I wanted. I called another number which I got after seven tries. I politely asked the operator if she knew whether the person I wanted was on leave or working ...The rudest reply I got was ... "Encik ingat operator boleh nampak ke kalau dia cuti atau tidak?"("What, you think we operators can see if the person is on leave or what?") and she just put the phone down. What have I done to deserve this?

Where is the delivery system the government is proudly talking about? If the operator does not like the job, she should quit and look for another job and not spoil the image of the government service. There are many other people who can take over her place. They forgot that we are paying their salaries. When can they ever learn or realise this?

I finally decided to drive from PJ to Putrajaya as I think it would be faster and less stressful.

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