Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sepang International Airport, Selangor.

Everytime when I depart from Sepang International Airport (or KLIA, so they named it), every time when I am asked when I depart from, whether I am taking a domestic or international flight, this is my answer - "Sepang". A guy once criticised my proposal to rename the airport as "Sepang International Airport". He said: "Is this meant to be an example of the Chinese adage: 'When business is bad, paint the front door.' Who gives a flying fingernail what the airport is called. Internationally it's known as KLIA and KUL and that is what it will always be known as. Your desperate attempts to boost the ego of Selangor is idiotic." He is certainly unhappy with my suggestion and he further said that my idea is idiotic. Idiotic it is? Not really until you realise that Selangor is the only state in this country that have carved out, not once but twice, its state land to the Federal Government as Federal Territories, first Kuala Lumpur and later Putrajaya. Not until you realise that Selangor is only paid annually RM25 million for the revenue losses from the two pieces of lands. You can't even build a decent hospital with RM25 million. Not until you realise that the Federal Government has far more constitutional power in this country as compared to every state government, Sabah and Sarawak included even when they pride themselves with autonomy powers. And the list goes on...

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