Friday, February 29, 2008

Election campaign #1

First of all, I would like to apology to readers of my blog for not being able to update this blog on a daily basis, which was my original target during election campaign.

For those who wish to know the latest situation in PJU, you can be assured that the PJ Rocket Team will and is already putting up a good fight this time against the might of the BN.

For the first time in PJ DAP election campaign, our banners, streamers and buntings are first put up ahead of BN candidates. Perhaps this is a good head start for us.

Walkabouts have been intensified during election campaign especially after nomination as we made rounds and rounds of visit to various hotspots i.e morning markets, line-dancing spots, tai-chi spots etc to meet and greet the residents.

I have spoken in various interviews with reporters that this is what had been done by the DAP Rocket Team in PJ for the past one year and what we are doing now are merely the intensified version of our previous works. We are used to it already.

On another hand, I am touched by the huge and warm supports coming from members of the public. Traders give discount and sometimes even donated generously in cash and kinds to the PJ Rocket Team. To date, we have received no less than 100 boxes of mineral waters, three water dispensers etc.

What is most important and touching is that my operation centre is basically manned by new members or volunteers. This is probably the first time I meet them but I am very touched by their commitment towards a better Malaysia. Without them, I will never be able to focus on my campaign and walkabouts.

I will try to update this blog with more information of my activity in my area – N35 Kampung Tunku.


Jinglebell said...

it's ok lah...
you're busy..
take time to rest ok?

paolo said...

Weng San Very good luck to you, Just to inform you that my wife's has disappear from the electoral list. 2 weeks ago her name was on the list. This going to be the dirtiest election ever.