Friday, February 15, 2008

Why can't Pak Lah wait for another 7 days?

DAP Selangor today went to the PM Office to submit our protest note to the PM for dissolving the Parliament during Chinese New Year festives.

The dissolution has seriously spoilt the Chinese New Year celebration mode among the Chinese community in Malaysia and as a result of this, several Chinese New Year open houses have to be either cancelled or down-scaled, including the one organised by DAP National HQ.

However, the person who received our protest note, Datuk Haji Ahmad Yaakup did not think so. He claimed that it is the opposite and according to the Federal Constitution, there is no provision for the PM of not to dissolve the parliament in any days. He even further claimed that the polling day is after the Chap Goh Meh celebration which itself does not affect Chinese New Year celebration.

It is not about the question of legality but the question of respect dan sensitiveness towards the culture of other races.

In addition to that, I pointed to him that the PM had said on 12th Feb that there is no dissolution on 13th Feb but he announced for the parliament to be dissolved the very next day.

All these are word of his mouth and he has to explain in his capacity as Prime Minister of why he can change his mind so fast, jeorpadising his personal integrity and credibility.

How are we going to attract foreign investment if our policy can be changed overnight?

Guan Eng has his comments on this.

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