Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roads Resurfaced In DUN Kampung Tunku Under Marris Fund

This is a list of road resurfacing projects to be conducted/already finished by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) in DUN Kampung Tunku 2011 under the Federal Government's staturoty grant to each state government in the Federation to maintain roads in each state. We call this fund "Marris fund". ("Marris" means "Malaysia Roads Registration and Information System")

Starting from 2011, Selangor government has decided to delegate part of the power to ADUN for them to decide up to RM1million on how to utilise the allocation for the benefit of the people. Complaints were lodged with the authority previously that local council sometimes placed the wrong priority and that the ADUN must be included to determine the priority of projects to be undertaken whenever Marris is concerned.

I have originally submitted a long list of roads to the council for consideration. These roads are:

1. Menurap semula Jalan 21/36, 21/27, 21/35, 21/22, SS 1/26 dan persimpangan antara jalan-jalan ini.
2. Menurap semula Jalan 21/1 dan persimpangan antara Jalan 21/1 dengan Jalan 21/4, 21/6, 21/7 dan 21/8 serta lorong-lorong belakang di Jalan 21/4, 21/6 dan 21/8,
3. Menurap semula Jalan 21/1 dan persimpangan antara Jalan 21/1 dengan Jalan 20/1,
4. Menurap semula lorong belakang di Jalan 20/1,
5. Menurap semula Jalan 20/7 (Jalan di hadapan kedai-kedai),
6. Menurap semula Jalan 20/3 dan 20/5,
7. Menurap semula persimpangan antara Jalan 20/11 dengan Jalan 20/4 dan 20/6,
8. Menurap semula persimpangan antara Jalan 20/12 dengan Jalan 20/13,
9. Menurap semula Jalan 20/14 dan Jalan 20/13,
10. Menurap semula lorong-lorong belakang di Jalan 22/51 dan Jalan 22/32,
11. Menurap semula Jalan SS 1/19, Jalan SS 1/15 dan Jalan SS 1/17 serta long-lorong belakangnya,
12. Menurap semula persimpangan antara Jalan SS 1/23 dan Jalan SS 1/23B,
13. Menurap semula Jalan SS 3/29 di hadapan kedai-kedai komersial (depan Restoran Curry House),
14. Membaikpulih tepi longkang di Jalan SS 3/31.

However, due to the RM1million ceiling on each constituency, the council can only consider the final projects to be undertaken which is posted on top. Still I will try to get the council to resurface other roads which are not included this round as soon as possible.

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