Friday, March 02, 2007

Letter: Damanara Utama BN rep ‘a shame’ too

Damanara Utama BN rep ‘a shame’ too
Abdul Kader

I refer to the letter Bkt Antarabangsa folks fed-up with BN rep.

It is a good observation which is typical of what’s happening in all constituencies where BN representatives rule.

Thanks to citizen Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan for taking time to write. In my constituency of Damansara Utama, I don’t even know who is the rep is although I did vote for him (BN-MCA) in last election.

I was actually voting for the PM for all his empty ‘walk the talk’ talk. The rep never visited the constituency and never bothered to avail himself to the people.
What a shame on this BN-MCA rep.

I fully agree with Rafick’s advice of ‘don’t vote for the PM or the flag’ but vote for the person who can provide services and is accessible to the people.

In the next election, my vote will be for the person and not the flag or PM.

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