Sunday, November 11, 2007

Massive public rally by Bersih

2:21pm: We were leaving from Sogo at about 2:15pm and marched towards Jalan Raja Laut instead of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and there were police force along Jalan TAR which would easily cut off the crowd. Jalan Raja Laut was a smooth march until we passed by DBKL building and FRU/police force was seen in front of Merdeka Square. Unit Amal Khas personnel guarded off the crowd to ensure that everyone is in line.

2:32pm: We did not spend much time with the police in Merdeka Square and turned right to Jalan Parlimen and continue walking along Jalan Kinabalu behind Royal Selangor Club trying to meet another group at National Mosque.

3:03pm: Bersih members numbered in about 40,000 gathered outside National Palace.

3:16pm: YB Teresa Kok and other DAP leaders/members were seen in front of the Palace. Crowds were asked to sit down. A good strategy, how would you justify that we started the provocation and attacked the police when all of us were sitting down? How do you explain that people sitting down can assault those policemen who were standing straight upright? Simply does not make sense, right?

4:04pm: IGP Musa Hassan said there were only 4000 people gathering. Do you know what's the difference of 4,000 and 40,000? Mind you, Musa Hassan, lying is a sin in Islam.

4:32pm: This is the video that I took when the crowd were dispersing peacefully in front of railway station. You can see a huge sea of yellow.

4:36pm: Yellow people are everywhere in KL.

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