Wednesday, November 07, 2007

'Mari lawan!' - Sothinathan challenged Po Kuan to a "fight"

Shame of MIC MP challenging a woman DAP MP to 'fight' outside Chamber - first time in Parliament in 50 years - Kit Siang

I guess Sothinathan could be quite used to the way they handle politics in MIC when he challenged YB Fong Po Kuan for a fist fight outside the chamber.

Although he denied that he had challenged Po Kuan for a fist fight but a challenge to contest in election, the record of the Hansard put it straight on the book as below:

Dato' S. G. Sothinathan: Siapa takut? Berani, mari lawanlah!!
Tuan Pengerusi: [Datuk Dr. Yusuf bin Yacob]: Ya, ya, Timbalan Menteri, teruskan, teruskan.
Dato' S.G. Sothinathan: Oh, cakap macam lelaki bukan? Mari lawan, mari lawan!! Jangan cakap no gender bias.

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