Monday, November 26, 2007

Hindraf Rally Video: FRU started the crack-down

After reinforcing themselves and firing several teargases, FRU started to move in to disperse the crowds. Followed tightly behind the FRU are plainclothes and uniformed policemen and women.

You can also see a FRU member holding a M-16 machine gun.

Is he going to fire live bullets??

I have managed to hide inside them and had noticed that they are growingly impatient as they have been trying to chase away the crowd since early morning but to no avail.

The commander shouted that the police can "catch at will", meaning they are allowed to catch and hit any Indian on the street, whether they are walking, eating or doing nothing on the street.

Such harsh targetting invites criticism as it is a clear violation of human rights as the police even raided a nearby Mamak restaurant where some Indians are having their lunches inside.

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