Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kula and Kit Siang speak on Hindraf gathering

YB M. Kulasegaran (DAP Ipoh Barat) tabled an emergency motion to discuss the Demonstration held on Sunday 25thNovember07 in the city of Kuala Lumpur. My motion came up to day but fornatuly it was rejected. His motion reads as follows:

Indians are third class citizens?

The wholly unnecessary and excessive use of force by police in firing of tear gas and water cannons against poor Tamils and ordinary Malaysians gathering to voice their grievances is simply intolerable and totally unacceptable in a democratic society respecting the human rights of its citizen.

Over 450 were arrested and dozens suffered serious injuries.

The use of such excessive force is evidence of the discrimination against Tamils and other fellow Malaysians, the state have shown consistently in recent years. It is yet another example of a high-handed, ham-fisted and undemocratic tactics used against poor citizens who are peacefully assembly to air their grievances.

The serious violation of human rights and the high handed manner of police and government action calls for a serious debate in this august house.It is a pressing issue because the Indian community of two million people are upset and angered. They ask whether they are equal first class citizens or unequal third class citizens who deserves such wanton treatment.

Peaceful demonstrations and marches are common and accepted practices around the world. It is a natural form of showing displeasure. Only backward uncivilized societies will use force against its own citizen.

After today Malaysia is simply a police state in the eyes of the world and its own citizens.
Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) have filed a class action suit against the British government in London for taking Indians to Malaya as indentured laborers and exploiting them for 150 years and there after failing to protect their rights as minorities under Malaysian constitution and law.

The Malaysian government should take the above suit seriously and if it does not agree to it challenge it. Bullying tactics by the government and its agencies against Indians and minorities must stopped. they must be held accountable for their actions.

The police and Government should be blamed for arresting without justification hundreds of people. Many suffer serious injuries.

All this could have been avoided if the police had allowed a peaceful assembly to voice legitimate grievances.

I also brought to the house information of the unruly use of “tear gas” and exhibited 4 “tear gas” canisters. This 4 were the more then hundred odd “tear gas” canisters which were used by the police at the scene of the “uprising” near KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. Also I asked why Khairi Jamulddin the Deputy UMNO President and the son in law of the PM has been permitted to conduct demos and how come the Police see it fit to give him a permit but not to HINDRAF

The Speaker said in order to allow a full debate of the motion according to the Standing Orders of the Dewan Rakyat 3 pre conditions need to adhered to. That 1) the motion is specific – Speaker agrees 2) that the motion is of public importance –he too agrees with this but my motion failed on the issue of urgency. The Speakers mentioned that the police have not granted a permit for the demonstration and there was a court order which prohibited HINDRAF and its supporters from attending the demonstration.

It is regretted that the Speaker rejected my motion for matters of public importance could have been discussed and a strong message could have been sent to the Police and the Government.

The issue of lack of opportunities for Indians to join the civil service (in 1970 there were more then 10% now less the 5%, why?), the failure to build a single new Tamil schools under the 9th Malaysia Plan, why there is a high rate of unemployment, suicide, single mother, criminal cases, illiteracy, the indiscriminate demolishment of Hindu Temples and why over 45% of the detainees at Simpang Renggang are Indians.

A select Parliamentary committee to look into the woes of the Indian Community should be formed.

A golden opportunity to air the communities grievances could have been discussed and debated but all these has now been “swept” under the carpet and hibernating!

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