Monday, November 12, 2007

Between Sondhi's yellow and Bersih's yellow

Talking about yellow, it reminds me one of my postings entitled "The Thais are catching up" dated 19th November 2005.

In my posting, I mentioned that:

Thousands of Thais yesterday (18th Nov 2007) moved to Lumpini Park in Bangkok to listen to Sondhi Limthongkui’s rally against Thai PM Thaksin. Those who couldn’t make their way to Lumpini Park stayed in their home and watch the live telecast from ASTV1 cable channel broadcast via satellite.

Sondhi, boss of the Manager Group, has launched what seems to be a solo campaign to oust Thaksin’s dictatorship. He first banked on the theme of “Fighting for His Majesty the King” to create a movement to oust the Thaksin regime and to write a new constitution. He has been now shifting his strategy of exposing the government’s conflicts of interest via business dealings and shady privatisation deals.

The government’s attempt to silence Sondhi from slamming the premier has been futile in the face of new, sophisticated technologies that are proving to have a profound impact on the Thai political landscape.

The government may control the broadcast media, but it has yet to effectively control the proliferation of the local cable news networks and the Internet, which has become a fertile ground for anti-Thaksin campaigning.

Coincidently, Sondhi was also using yellow as his campaign yellow. Now we are following the footstep of the Thais, although ours is to push for electoral reform and not overturning the government.

Sometimes, coincidents do happen!

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