Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Email#3: The Custodian of the Constitution

By Yellow Waver#3

The PM and his super cronies after 50 years, had failed to realise that the question that to “drag the King into politics does not arise”. When the King our Supreme Sovereign Head does not get himself in daily politics or a member of the executive, it does not mean that his Majesty is totally above politics and is just a fiqure head of the country.

In a democratic country with a constitutional monarchy like Malaysia, we have the Monarchy, Executive, Judiciary and Legislature. Each is independent of the other. If everything runs smoothly, the Royalty stays at his Palace, and is happy that his subjects are happy. The economy turns, majority of his Royal subjects has a job and development is in full swing. The job of the King is to oversee that the country is running in proper order. His Majesty has the constitutional right to intervene today because everything is wrong today.

The King is the people’s TRUSTEE. The Trustee has to act constitutionally today before the country go to the rocks! His Majesty need not take sides. The Royalty must see that there is fair play. The King is there to PROTECT the Constitution from being abused. He is the CUSTODIAN of the Constitution. Please don’t insult the King!

The level of the playing field is tilted in favour of the powers that be. They even shift the position of the goalpost to whatever position they like!

Everything is wrong today! One cannot even be safe inside our house. 300,000 graduates are jobless, Parliament leaks, a former railway gatekeeper’s house is bigger than a Division One Officer, the police is divided, Team A accusing Team B, we a net exporter of gas and petroleum yet we have to pay more for gas and petroleum instead of paying less when the prices rises, the top cronies are enjoying themselves as patrons of Petronas Philhamonic Orchestra, patients suffering unnecessarily instead of getting cured by the hospitals, everywhere you walk you see foreigners as much as you see your fellow citizens, government purchases having a free for all, no tenders being called as cronies lined up to secure projects at exorbitant prices, a 4.6 billion free trade zone as a white elephant collecting dusts, a congested bus terminal built 33 years ago and its next door – a dilapidated half constructed building, breeding anopheles and aedes mosquitoes, prices of houses and cars beyond the reach of the mid income family, electricity prices increase by Tenaga although they make billions, buying screwdrivers at exorbitant prices, banks of a certain race taken over by another bunch of cronies in the pretence of having less banks but bigger banks to compete overseas, companies are asked to employ their staff in relation to the country’s population ratio but their own GLCs, universities full of their cronies such that they reflect the superpower of the cronies and pages and pages to be filled—-endless.

The King must step in to stop the rot! Enough is enough. 50 years of mismanagement is sufficient! The most important underhand tactic is the Election Commission reporting to the BN. Overnight they increase the Ipoh Timor Constituency by 8500 voters and then claim that it is their absolute right! Before the election you will already know who the winner MP is. Bukit Bintang has no army camp but got postal voters by the army. Therefore the Election Commission must report to an independent body and NOT to the BN! The Election Commission keeps the BN in perpetual power!

The march by BERSIH is NOT a demonstration. During Prophet Mohamed Birthday the Muslims march. During Wesak the Buddhists march. During Deepavali the Indians march. During Saint Anne Festival the Christians march. All religions and groupings march. So why can’t BERSIH march? The powers that be, make it illegal. Gambling is illegal. But gambling at the Genting Highlands is LEGAL. Buying 4 digits is illegal. But buying 4 digit from Magnum, 3D and Toto is LEGAL. We want to tell AAB that we are not born yesterday! The shops at Masjid Jamek and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman were doing a roaring business. Without provocation water cannons and teargas were fired. Hell broke loose. The shops have to close. So who is to blame? Buses were turned back at the highways. The commuter trains stop running. Road blocks were set up. The police were not looking for weapons. They were looking for YELLOW shirts! What is wrong with yellow shirts? Are yellow shirts weapons? Why don’t the police stop the Buddhist monks from wearing YELLOW. SO WHO’S THE CULPRITS OF THE TRAFFIC JAMS? It is a deliberate attempt by the police to stop the march!

BERSIH has declared that yellow is the colour of protest; it’s also the colour of press freedom. Wearing yellow also shows our love for the Rulers. The police has insulted the Royalties. What is wrong if the people want to hand his Majesty a memorandum? You mean we have to send by the unreliable post office? It is just a memorandum on the demand for a clean and fair electoral system! What is the big fuss?

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