Tuesday, November 01, 2005

MPPJ must explain reasons for the delay of the Jalan Universiti road upgrade project

I had on 29 October 2005 faxed and emailed a letter to the YDP of Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MPPJ), Dato’ Ahmad Termizi requesting him to explain the delay of the road upgrade project along Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

The project, which involves the design, construction and completion of an elevated junction at Bulatan Universiti and involving Jalan Dato’ Abu Bakar (Jalan 16/1), Jalan Universiti and Jalan Kemajuan, was started on October 2003 and was expected to be completed by October 2005. However, the project has been idle since one year ago.

DAP Selangor and several PJ branch members have been visiting that area regularly and discovered that the situation is worsening where the left-behind construction site is now covered with grass and trapped water can be seen in many spots along the road where the road widening is supposed to take place.

We have raised this issue with MPPJ and we believe that the current site is an eyesore to Petaling Jaya, especially when PJ will be declared a “city” next year. In view of this, Ahmad Termizi must give a full explanation as to why the project was left idle. Is there any compensation paid by the contractor IJM Construction Bhd to MPPJ for the delay? Or is there any variation order (VO) issued by the contractor, which would prolong the whole construction process? And if so, will there be any temporary precautions taken by the contractor to ensure the safety of road-users?

These questions have to be answered by MPPJ as soon as possible. Most newspapers last Sunday carried reports that work will continue after Hari Raya and that a budget has been approved by the authority to remove underground pipelines and cables. But DAP Selangor has yet to receive any response from MPPJ. We call on the MPPJ to ensure the prompt resumption of the construction work and to give a proper written reply on the delay.

Lau Weng San

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