Thursday, November 23, 2006

Zakaria may have his chance for another term

Zakaria claimed that there were 1500 who turned up at his Hari Raya open house on Monday and he said that he will stand up for the next general election.

He seemed to be not bothered with the demolishment of his satay house while he claimed that his new luxurious mansion would be used to hold another open house when it is fully constructed next year.

Are you angry with his statement, are you going to vote him if he is a BN candidate in Selangor? Are you going to urge your local BN ADUN and MP to push Prime Minister not to list him as one of the candidate for the next general election in Selangor? What will you do if it turn up to be the opposite?

Think about it, Khairy attended his open house and he got a warm welcome hug from Zakaria...I think his chance for another term is quite bright. Don't you think so?
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