Thursday, March 06, 2008

Illegal bannering

During election campaign, candidates are allowed to put up buntings, banners, posters or even billboard to campaign.

There are certain rules and regulations to govern how these campaign materials be displaced in public spaces. Candidates are not allowed to put up streamers across the streets, covering others' streamers and posters.

Attached are some photos of how BN campaigners cover my posters in Kampung Tunku state seats.


London1 said...

To Win, Please read

Ultimate Goal
Reduce BN’s Control in the country’s Future, Our Future

Dear Mr. Lau Weng San,

To Win the people’s votes: Sharpen our focus:Our Major Goal is to reduce BN’s Control in the Country’s Future
I went to a DAP assembly in Puchong last night with the appearance of Mr. Lim Kit Siong.

It a bit too late to say the following, but, if the opposition parties wish to win as a WHOLE to help the people for a better future, the following shall bring be candidates’ focus of speech:

1. We are looking for Justice not Racial Inequality. We fight for everybody: Malay, Chinese, and Indian.
2. Should focus on getting votes for all opposition parties members, regardless ethnic background, vote for Keadilan, DAP, PAS and others; anything but BN. Because BN does not work for the people. They work for themselves.
3. To fellow Chinese citizen, MCA is part of BN, don’t be fooled. Vote for the opposition rather than MCA because it’s been decades, MCA never delivered for the people. We rather take a chance of new opposition candidates, let them be Malay or Indian. ALL the years, what we heard of was not the noise of MCA fighting for the people, but, their embarrassing fights among themselves over power. They have done nothing for us. Enough for the deceptions.

We as the voters, should ask ourselves:
MCA vs a Malay Keadilan candidate, who we support? (Of course, Keadilan!)
MCA vs a Malay PAS candidate, who we support? (Of course, PAS!)
It’s time to say “Enough is enough” to incapable MCA.

4. The rich(BN) becomes richer. Take a look at our daily lives, PRICES of goods: Petrol, Wanton Mee, and of everything are climbing. Does the govt. care? What have they done about it? So, the people, poor becomes poorer. Fair? The govt. does not care.


增加胜利机会的重点: 把焦点放在全民的利益--削减BN在国家的实力
1 我们要争取的是公正和公平,不是正对种族问题。要争取华、巫、印的支持。
2 我们须关注,无论是华、巫、印反对党候选人,都需争取得到人民的支持。
3 对于华裔人民,就算是马华候选人对垒巫裔公正党候选人,我们也应该支持
的利益。马华是巫统无能的YESMAN. 许多年来,我们听到的不是马华为人民争取利益的声音,而是内讧,丢人的丑闻。够了,MCA的蒙骗已经够了。

马华候选人对垒巫裔公正党候选人, 该选谁?(应当支持巫裔公正党候选人)
4 在当今的政府领导下,有钱的更加有钱,穷的更加贫穷。物价上涨,政府无动于衷,没照顾贫困的人民。

teopag said...

how come they cover your banner like that... so bad...
SPR should do something for that...

谢增英 said...


Candidman said...


Not sure you still remember me... I knew you since Sam Tet Primary :)

Unfortunately my vote station in Ipoh... but I work in PJ. You gave me a shock when I saw your face on the banner. MAKE the Change... I will be going back Ipoh tonight for the change as well.

Chew Ming

pixxie said...

我在 看见你胜出的报道!