Friday, July 31, 2009

Cyber-troopers in action.

Politics in Malaysia has become very interesting. People says that in the era of transition, there will be a lot of fake scenes, false stories, self-manufactured and concocted news to divert the attention of the people.
There are still people in the corridor of power refuses to give up the power in their hands easily, not even without a fight.
Do not forget that those in the corridor of power have been enjoying the privilege of being in power since more than 50 years ago. No logical person will give up this power easily without even fight, particularly when they are at the losing end even after one year they lost a portion of their powers to Pakatan Rakyat in some of the states in Malaysia.
News of Teoh Beng Hock's death has plunged this nation to another sad state of affairs. We feel sad not only we lost a good friend and an good, young and idealistic comrade, but because his death reveals so much about this country, particularly the darker side of the country.
Never in the history of this country that a death of a political aide caused so much controversies.
Also never in the history of this country that a death of a political aide brought about some many spin-doctors who spin the stories in their own way to suit the taste of their political masters.
Blogs and anonymous bloggers are mushrooming after the incident to desperately link Teoh's death with underworld activities. This is another attempt to "deflect public outrage at Teoh’s mysterious death at MACC and the refusal of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to heed family and public demands to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to get to the bottom of the causes and circumstances of Teoh’s death", according to YB Lim Kit Siang.
At first they tried to turn it into a racial issue, which is the easiest and conventional way of doing things but later they found that it does not work. In fact, it has become a disservice and burden to the PM's 1Malaysia concept.
It has further proven useless when Pakatan Rakyat managed to put up a five-thousand strong public rally in Kelana Jaya. Though the victim is a Chinese but Pakatan Rakyat shows their unity with Teoh Beng Hock by turning up to support the cause to seek for justice for Beng Hock. Key Pakatan Rakyat Leaders were together in the public rally and even more heavy weights were present during the funeral in Semenyih.
So, their racial tactics could not last long. They are almost running out of ideas until they have to spend about seven days later to turn the whole episode against DAP Selangor in specific and Pakatan Rakyat in general.
It is seven full days that they could not do anything to salvage MACC. MACC was like a lame duck and everybody have a free shot at MACC. MACC was almost paralysed because of this. This comes together with so many other questions, like why MACC "released" Teoh Beng Hock at the wee hour of 3:45am? Why his handphone was not returned to him if he was ever "released"?
So all of us read all sorts of stories in the blog targeting at DAP ADUNs. I believe the blog could be authored by more than one writers looking judging from the different writing styles, different level of English proficiency and several spelling errors (Wong Chuan How, Wong Chuan Chow etc).
Already there are rumours that the blogs are operated by a group of employed cyber-troopers. They are tasked with the sole mission to rebut negative comments/blogspots against the authority in the Federal Government.
Some of them even claimed that they are seeking justice for Teoh Beng Hock. I am wondering why they never mentioned about forming a Royal Commission of Inquiry to reveal the real truth to everybody? An RCI is the best platform to reveal and uncover everything. Moreover, if there are really some truths in their claims that the death of Teoh Beng Hock is related to underworld activities, do you think BN will easily let go an easy target to run down Pakatan Rakyat and DAP?
They blog to seek justice for Teoh Beng Hock or to run down Pakatan Rakyat and Teoh Beng Hock?
They seek justice for Teoh Beng Hock and yet they claimed Teoh Beng Hock siphoned off RM112 from the Selangor State Government? Yes, RM112 from the government coffer. That is why even the BN-controlled main stream newspapers and media are not interested in cooking up the stories. Simply because they themselves also find it difficult to believe.
Of course, there are always some exceptions, i.e. Utusan Malaysia and UMNO Youth.

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