Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Should PR Assemblypersons stop giving aid?

For the pass few weeks, several organizations, associations and poor people had come to my office seeking for assistance.

Most of the assistances they seek are monetary assistances. As ruling party assemblyman, I have the privilege to offer my help utilising my constituency development fund.

It is also the same fund that makes all Pakatan Rakyat Assemblypersons in Selangor placed under the MACC’s selective investigation.

Before the death of Teoh Beng Hock, it was reported that recipients of such contributions were held up by MACC for investigations as “witnesses”. They were repeatedly asked whether they have received the amount or not.

As for suppliers and contractors, they were also called up by the MACC to confirm if they have really supplied the said items in the event or not. Contractors of small engineering projects were also called up to provide details of the jobs they had done for the assemblypersons.

Most of those who were called up by the MACC could not understand why MACC has to repeatedly ask them the same questions. While there are also contractors who are cornered by the MACC interrogators to make false statement that they did not supply the said item, Tan Boon Hua is a very classical example.

It seems like receiving helps and financial assistances to temples, organizations, poor families from Pakatan Rakyat assemblypersons nowadays is soon becoming a messy affairs to the recipients and the general public.

Should we, Pakatan Rakyat assemblypersons, stop the practice temporarily?


NEO said...

If YB really want to hear the view of the rakyat. I am now answer in the capacity of the rakyat that"

"It is all depend how the YB utilise the "Allocation"!

Firstly, it is not our national policy to allocated the fund to wakil rakyat! For example, You and Dr. Chiae get the allocation but not for Tony.

Secondly, not all the state have allocation.

In the past the so called allocation was mis-appropriate by the BN ADUN. In fact it can be consider as "Money Politic" to buy votes!

MCA have been using this allocation for "Eat, Drink, Play & Enjoy" while UMNO and other component party were using this allocation to party purpose!.

When PR just take over the Selangor administration. PR ADUN have no idea how to utilise this allocation. In fact most of PR were follow the MCA way which is mainly "Eat, Drink, Play & Enjoy".
Lucky, the PR didn't move the allocation into they own pockets!

Feel free to justify if what I mentioned above is not accurate

Unknown said...

The biggest issue you have is to ensure that any monetary transactions are kept transparent and audited. As an opposition member you know that you will be a target of investigation down to the very cent.

fylam said...


The allocations are there for you to use to good effects. If it is for a good cause allocate it out by all means.

However, you need to account for it properly and have those receiving it acknowledged and signed on vouchers as well as their IC number. Better still have their thumb print imprinted. A good accounting clerk will help you to manage it transparently.

One caution though, these vouchers and model numbers , brand of electrical goods catalogues must be kept safely. Also, these documents must be secured in a place in the state financial office building with phoyostat copies.

You will never know, some people might sabotage you and cause the receipts, vouchers etc to go missing.

Giving away just and fair allocations is one of the good characteristics of the state government and gives a good perception of the PR government.