Thursday, October 26, 2006

Khir Toyo must take stern actions against Zakaria

Instead of attending the royal summon issued to him by His Majesty Sultan of Selangor, a recalcitrant Zakaria refused to do so as he claimed that he is sick but after being discharged from Klang Hospital, he immediately rushed to Malacca, a state few hundred kilometers away from His Majesty’s Palace in Shah Alam to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Before this, Zakaria as a Councilor cum ADUN not only did not meet His Majesty as scheduled in the royal summon but he took His Majesty’s officers five times to try to reach him in order to convey the summon to him.

All these happenings just shows that Zakaria is not only too arrogant, but he is already behaving like a little bully, as if he is already a Raja by himself who does not care about rule of law and good governance.

DAP Selangor strongly condemn such attitude as well as the MB Khir Toyo for failing to take stern actions against Zakaria.

We believe that the MB is also playing a key role in the whole scandal although he is not directly involved in the whole scandal.

Since the eruption of the scandal, though Zakaria to date choose to remain silent with media on the scandal, the MB seems to be protecting Zakaria from speaking directly to the media. The MB is also seems to be the speaker for Zakaria. This is very clear when the Sultan issued the royal summon to Zakaria and Khir Toyo replied to the media on behalf of him that the media should not disturb him as he was not feeling well.

Since the PM himself had asked Khir Toyo to take action against Zakaria, and if there is not stern actions taken against him, the PM should instead turn the table around by taking Khir Toyo to task, including removing him from the position of Selangor MB.

How Zakaria can accumulate so much wealth?

Another question that we should also look into is that how on earth could Zakaria manage to gather such overwhelming amount of wealth despite only serving as ADUN for Pelabuhan Klang for two terms in times less ten years?

Even if we include allowances that he received from MPK as Klang Councilors, I am sure that we will not be able to reach such number.

As some claim that some of his revenue are coming from his business, the public ought to have the right to know what kind of business he is doing and if he has any contracts with the government, especially state government and MPK, as well as whether these projects are awarded to him through open tender system or not. There must be a clear and accountable account on this aspect.
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