Friday, September 28, 2007

High Commission seems like a non-existent office

West Midlands, England.

I REFER to the letter “Lousy treatment at High Commission” by Malu Jadi Orang Malaysia (The Star, Sept 26).

I understand his frustration! When I registered my marriage with my British husband, I tried to contact officers at the High Commission hoping to seek advice on legalising our marriage under Malaysian law.

My numerous attempts to call the office during office hours went unanswered. Not even an answering machine to take my messages. My e-mail to jimlondon@btcon was futile as well.

One question: Why is the Malaysian Immigration London’s website called http:// Sounds like a retail website.

My second encounter (or near encounter) with the High Commission was when I called to enquire about including my husband’s surname in my Malaysian passport.

Again, there was no answer to my phone calls and no reply to my e-mail. Why did I even try when I failed to get any response in the first case?

I seriously hope that the Foreign Affairs Ministry will review Malaysian officers at the Malaysian High Commission in London. Does the office exist at all? And if it does, do the officers work regular daytime hours?

May I also suggest that the website address be changed to something which shows that it’s a government body and not some funny name which does not even reflect Malaysia.

It’s probably high time that the website is upgraded as well.

Please, someone, do something. They should help Malaysians abroad who want to seek advice, not avoid them!

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