Thursday, June 26, 2008

Learn our lessons from the past 100 days

DAP MP for Petaling Jaya Utara Tony Pua raised the issue of NGO's quota for MBPJ councillorship being hijacked by political party again.

I believe that he is speaking from his heart and it is the wish of the people that PR can deliver by keeping to its promises to the people.

DAP ADUNs, MPs and Selangor State Committee members met two days ago. We decided to push for local government election.

It has been quite sometime that the talks about local government election diminished from the radar screen. It is now the time to bring the topic back to the limelight.

MB will personally pursue this matter with the Federal Government and this is indeed a positive development.

As I have mentioned in one of my earlier statements before, the current system inherited from BN is a system full of loopholes and we have to accept it in appointing councillors because we have no choice.

I hope all of us can learn our own lessons for the past 100 days and do not repeat them in the coming 100 days.

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Lum CS said...

你怎么说 308選后100天 民联执政 up up DAP, down down BN (barang naik) 1 (升旗山區國會議員劉鎮東 )
身为Penang Lang,我有权利知道搁置这两项计划的理由,以及如何分配原本用在上述计划的35亿令吉?
没有单轨火车,外环公路消失在茫然中,如何处置35亿令吉?到底35亿令吉是否继续用在槟城?若是,请问用在什么领域?教育?基 建?医药?还是自肥朋党?