Saturday, August 02, 2008

Inconsiderate drivers occupying disabled reserved parking in MPKlang


Anonymous said...

how do u know the owner is not a disabled person?

LAU WENG SAN said...

normally disabled vehicle has a clear signage and some driving equipment for the handicapped driver. These were not found inside the car.

krazl said...

The keyword here is normally..

I've seen before disable people haven't put disable sign on his car... and guess what, his driving MERC.. I think most Malaysian know who am I talking about; and I've seen he park at disable space.

Moral of the story, unless u have picture of this "non-disable" person, then you could claim he/she is from 3rd world mentallity. don't judge books from it's cover.

p/s: and please don't make public appologies after this unknown disable man/woman claim they being humilated. Think before act.