Saturday, October 29, 2011

Water supply in Sungai Way restored after five days

By Leven Woon

Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San assured the fuming Impian Seri Setia flats residents that their water supply will resume to normal today after a disruption that left more than 1000 residents without water for five days.

He said the disruption of water supply was caused by the vandalising of an emergency fire switch by irresponsible persons.

“There is a built-in mechanism which automatically cuts off the supply once the switch is triggered,” he said after a visit to the place this morning.

He said the building management has pledged to restart the water pump manually this morning and that the water supply should be reconnected in two hours.

“We urge residents to be cooperative and not to trigger the switch anymore,” he said.

A management office worker S. Samy said the perpetrators who triggered the switches on from ninth, 12 and 13 floors have been identified.

“I suspect them to be foreign workers who stay in the flats. It can’t be naughty children doing all this because they are too short to reach the switch,” he said.

The raging residents also gathered beside Lau to voice their concerns about the promised compensation, expensive management fees and security threats.

Most of the residents of the flats are evicted Kampung Sungai Way villagers who did not obtain land titles for their houses and were forced to move when the developer, Taipan Group took over their land.

They claim that Taipan Group promised to compensate them with a sum of money within three months after moving to the flats in June this year.

“We moved in on June 6, but until now we have not received any compensation,” resident, Quek Seng Yak said.

He also said that the monthly management fees of RM87, is “the highest in the country for low-cost flats”.

“There have been several break-ins already since we moved in; this place is really not secure,” he said.

Lau responded by saying a dialogue between the developer and residents will be organised soon to resolve the issues.

“We suggest to have closed-circuit television in several areas, but it involves costs which need to be assessed by the developer,” he said.

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