Sunday, May 04, 2008

Selangor Government mulls seven-day week service

New Straits Times

PEOPLE living in Selangor may soon get to enjoy government counter services - seven days a week if a proposal from the State government materialises.

Calling it a five-day week but seven days' service, Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the concept would give all staff a five-day week but their off days would be rotated.

“With the government services continuing for seven days, the public can utilize our services, like renewing licenses on any day.”

He said the five-day week but continuous service was an accepted practice in hospitals, police and even in the private sector like hypermarkets.

Speaking at a Workers Day forum at Stadium Malawati here today, he said discussions with the private sector were also needed on the sector following suit.
For the government sector, Khalid said the move did not mean more staff needed to be hired as the concept could be achieved through a proper rostering.

“I will bring this issue for further discussions within the government and the private sector.”

The move means that government staff will get a five-day week but their two off days will not necessarily be on the weekends. Staff will be expected to take turns working during the weekends.
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