Friday, May 09, 2008

Water service disruption in Sea Park, Taman Paramount and Lin Seng Garden

I have received complaint from residents from Sea Park and Paramount Garden about the low water pressure lately due to some repairing works at Bukit Lanjan water reservoir.

The DAP has contacted Syabas on the complaints. I have asked Syabas to provide a proper media statement to inform members of the public, especially those who stays in affected areas.

Their workers had worked round the clock to recover the water pressure. They are unsure when it will be recovered. I have reprimanded them for not issuing proper notice and have asked their PR to get it done. We are in the process of monitoring the progress.

Members of public can help to lodge a complaint to the relevant authority or call Syabas toll free complaint hotline 1800-88-5252.
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