Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Tan Tuan Tat Lied To The Media When It Is DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) Who Has The Only Right To Dissolve Any DAP Branch Under Clause 20 Of The DAP Constitution

As DAP Selangor Organizing Secretary, I would like to clarify a statement made by a sacked DAP member named Tan Tuan Tat in Sungai Pelek, Sepang two days ago that a group of 400 members have resigned from DAP and seven DAP branches are already dissolved.

Under Clause 20 of the DAP Constitution, the CEC has the sole right to establish and dissolve any branches nationwide in which there are due procedure to be followed by the CEC in dissolving any DAP branches.

Tan Tuan Tat also mentioned that there are 400 members resigning from DAP. As of today, DAP Selangor headquarters has only received resignation letter from Taman Seri Sungai Pelek branch vice chairman, S.M. Manohar a/l Sellan dated 20th September 2012.

Tan Tuan Tat also mentioned that seven DAP branches in Sungai Pelek will be dissolved. This is entirely untrue as Tan Tuan Tat is only the chairman of Taman Seri Sungai Pelek branch and he has no right to announce the dissolution of any DAP branches.

The remaining six branches are yet to be registered with Registrar of Societies (ROS) as we suspect that there are phantom members in these branches which is the reason of him sacked from the DAP.

Meanwhile, DAP Selangor has yet to receive the remaining 398 resignation letters. Some members from that branch has already contacted DAP Selangor expressing their will to stay with DAP and have no intention to resign from the party.

Some mainstream media also highlighted that Tan Tuan Tat was an active DAP member who has been with the party for the past 18 years. I would like to clarify that Tan Tuan Tat’s branch was only formed in 2008. Although Tan Tuan Tat was once DAP Selangor Publicity Secretary in 1996/1997, he left his position in 1997 and has since then been a dormant member until after the March 8th political tsunami.

TV3 also interviewed a person named Mahful Wahid, who claimed himself as DAP member. A check with DAP membership data in Selangor shows that there is no such name at all.

Tan Tuan Tat should stop making excuses for his expulsion from the party. He should also stop fabricating lies to cover his own weaknesses. All these accusations will only make him look bad in the eyes of the party members and public.
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