Saturday, August 04, 2012

MCA busy putting blames against us for wrongs they did in the past

My predecessor, Datuk Dr. Wong Sai Hou must be really busy nowadays going around Sea Park Petaling Jaya, putting blames on Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) and me for allowing the developer of Paramount View Condominium (PVC), Sri Aman Development Sdn. Bhd. to build an access road linking PVC with Jalan 21/27, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.

He claimed that MBPJ is "not transparent in the manner they go about approving projects". He further said that "all views must be taken into account before approvals are given to construct new roads". He also said that "projects must not be pushed through as it affects the people's quality of life."

I find his statement reported in a newspaper owned by his political party is rather misleading and frustrating, as if he has got no role to play in this.

During BN's time in 2005, MBPJ approved a layout plan with the reference number KJB-P/PJ/2005/20-1 which shows that there shall be an access from PVC to Jalan 21/27. The layout plan was approved on 30th August 2005 by MBPJ full council meeting. It was also shown another access from PVC at Jalan 22/44. The developer started promoting the project. Interested buyers and investors bought and signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) based on this layout plan.

The developer tabled amendments in 2007 and subsequently obtained their approvals from MBPJ. Among the changes are to allow only one access road for PVC, which is to be built at Jalan SS 1/25, instead of two access roads at Jalan 21/27 and Jalan 22/44.

In 2008, there was a change in Selangor state government and subsequently all the 12 local councils under Selangor state government also changed hand to Pakatan Rakyat. Before 2008, BN Selangor had a practice, that the local assemblyman (ADUN) will automatically be appointed as councillor in his/her local council.

As for Kampung Tunku, the then ADUN was none other Dato' Dr Wong Sai Hou himself. Being the then MCA PJU Division Chairman, Wong Sai Hou was also the party whip for MCA councillors in MBPJ. He was also a member of MBPJ One-Stop Centre (OSC). OSC is a special committee to evaluate and approve authority submissions for all developments in Petaling Jaya.

In 2009, the council had a number of unhappy encounters with the developer. The residents surrounding PVC also shared the same predicarement. Two stop-work orders file issued against the developer in 2009. The developer challenged MBPJ's decision via a judicial review filed at Shah Alam High Court.

Shah Alam High Court made a ruling via MT5 - 13 - 13 - 2009, that the two stop-work orders must be withdrawn immediately. The developer was allowed to use Jalan SS 1/25 as temporary access during construction. Once construction is completed, the developer has to commence the construction of permanent access road according to the the 2005 layout which I believe is the layout that was presented to buyers.

The construction of the first permanent access road at Jalan 22/44 was completed last year despite several protests by local residents. The construction of the second access linking PVC to Jalan 21/27 is about to start. It is also stated in the planning approval that the construction of the two access roads form part of the conditions to be fulfilled in order to comply with the issuance of Certificate of Fitness and Occupany (CFO). That means as of today, PVC has yet obtained its CFO and it is still sitting on it temporary CFO.

Therefore, it is most shocking and even frustrating to know that Wong Sai Hou is now turning his gun against MBPJ when he knows very clear that the construction of the access road linking PVC to Jalan 21/27 was already approved by the city council during his time.

Although it is widely understood that such access road is not suitable and will increase traffic volume along Jalan 21/27 and Jalan 21/35, the court order shall be complied with in full to avoid "contempt of court".

Nevertheless, I maintain the stand that the decision of whether to use the access road or not is in the hand of the Joint Management Body (JMB) or PVC, which consist of buyers and residents of the condominium mainly. I believe all parties concerned and discuss and find a win-win solution to resolve this matter.
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