Friday, May 06, 2011

MCA should not appear in Utusan Malaysia if the party is sincere in boycotting the daily

I found it quite mind-boggling to notice MCA leaders appearing in Utusan Malaysia when the party’s leaders are calling its members to boycott the daily which they have regarded it as a daily of racism and extremism.

On 3rd May, the local version of the daily carries two MCA leaders attending to various issues in their area. The two leaders are MCA coordinator for Rawang, Lee Li Yew and Banie Chin, MCA Federal Territory Public Complaint Bureau Vice Chairman.

After reading the reports, it is quite assuring that the press conferences were called by the MCA leaders. Without reading the details of the report, one would definitely wonder why MCA leaders are still inviting reporters from Utusan Malaysia to cover their events when their leaders are calling the people, especially their members to boycott the papers.

It is also very confusing when MCA leaders openly criticize the paper but at the same time, invite Utusan Malaysia to cover their events. Is MCA sincere in boycotting Utusan Malaysia? Or MCA is only putting up a show to con and divert the attention of the people? How can MCA convince the people that it means what it says when their leaders still invite Utusan Malaysia to cover their events and at the same time their leaders ask others to boycott the paper? What kind of message does the MCA want to convey to the people?

I urge MCA to walk the talk and at least follow the footstep of Pakatan Rakyat on how to boycott Utusan Malaysia properly. Besides stop subscribing the daily, all government agencies under Pakatan Rakyat also discontinue advertising in Utusan Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat also does not invite Utusan Malaysia to cover their events since 2008. Therefore, inviting Utusan Malaysia to cover MCA events only cast more doubt on the credibillity of MCA’s call for boycotting the daily.

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