Sunday, December 26, 2010

Townhall meeting in SS3

I thanked the residents of SS3 for attending the inaugural townhall meeting held in Jalan SS3/14 basketball court several weeks ago.

The townhall meeting was attended by about 100 residents from all walks of life in SS3. Also attending are Petaling Jaya DAP Councillor, Mr Darren Tiong and Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara (PJU), YB Tony Pua.

Among the issue raised were infrastructure problems like drainage system, road resurfacing, traffic congestions, crime rate etc. Residents also raised concern on certain on-going development surrounding SS3, notably the proposed re-development of former Matsushita factory in SS8. They also took the opportunity to pose questions on several welfare programmes undertaken by the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor State Government.

Darren Tiong and I took the chance to explain some of the works done by the council and works to be completed by the council. A resident also raised his dissatisfaction on the poor condition of the two council's tennis courts next to the basketball court. Mr Darren Tiong has taken note about this and I have received emails from the resident regarding the proposed upgrading works to be done in the two tennis courts.

Meanwhile, YB Tony Pua also took the opportunity to brief the residents on the ongoing restructuring water service industry in Selangor.

This is a good experience for me and my service team as the townhall meeting serves as an outreach programme for us to reach out to the people face to face and deal directly with their issues. We use to meet the people in a lot of official functions but due to time contraint, we are not able to speak to everyone. Townhall meeting is different and it can help us to pull everybody together to discuss in depth in an unofficial gathering.

Townhall meeting is also very important to enlighten and inform the people about how allocations and works are processed in the government. More townhall meeting will be held in Kampung Tunku and the next stop will be in Section 22 Len Seng Garden.

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