Saturday, October 17, 2009

UMNO repeats mistake this year to hold General Assembly on Deepavali Day

UMNO’s aim to become a “party for all” is a slap on its own face when it chooses to hold its assembly on Deepavali Day. In fact it is an even bigger slap on the on the face of the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who propagates the idea and vision of “1Malaysia”.

Nobody can deny the fact that inter-ethnic relation in this country for the past few years had gone downhill and it is time for all of us, regardless of religions and race, to come together and close our ranks in fostering greater national unity. And in times like this, it is important for all of us to put aside all our difference to foster a greater integration and unity for our beloved country.

Therefore, the concept of “1Malaysia” is not new to us. Various political parties and non-governmental bodies had been championing the cause of greater national unity under different slogans. DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia and Malaysian First are some of the classical examples to be mentioned here.

What matters Malaysian most is not about the slogan, but the actions and efforts poured in to make it a success. It is also important that those who propagates the sloganmust be truthful and sincere in championing the cause. It is not surprising that there are people who put up a skeptical look about 1Malaysia. After all, there are just too many empty talks in this country.

Years ago, UMNO was heavily condemned by the Indian community when it went ahead to hold its assembly on Deepavali Day. Indian news vendors were criticized for not helping to distribute newspapers which would carry news and speeches made by UMNO President and delegates the next day during Deepavali. UMNO repeats the same mistake this year when it holds its Assembly on Deepavali Day.

I urge the Prime Minister and his behind-the-scene mastermind to focus on real effort to foster greater national unity and not to seek short-lived publicity on this subject matter. UMNO and Prime Minister must be able to discipline their ranks and files, as well as their grassroot leaders in accepting the hard fact that Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi religious society. Our social stability and cohesiveness can never be compromised and those who try to be the champion of certain race and religion have no place in this country.

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