Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To MM: We are not born yesterday

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By James OPH
Reference is made to your Star newspaper dated 16th December 2007 page N40.

Yes, I agree it is a trick. But it is MM’s manipulated trick to deceive the people when one reads M.M.’s article.

First MM used three constituency of 5000 people as a sample in his argument. This is anachronism. The Electoral Commission NEVER have constituencies with an equal number of voters. For example for the last General Election, Putrajaya had 5,079 voters. Petaling Jaya Utara had 75,935 voters. MM used the three constituencies of an equal number of representation to deceive the ignorant readers as if the EC is practicing this same method. In fact this is what we want and what we don’t have. But MM used something as if we have! This is cheating!

If you add up all the voters that voted for the BN and all the voters that voted for the Opposition at the last General Election you will find that the ratio of BN : Opp is 1 : 10.25.This simply means that the Opposition must get 10.25 votes to equalize 1 vote of the BN. Therefore BN desperately needs the man who can manipulate for them. He is needed to stay on for another year. The powers that be had stooped so low as to amend the constitution just to prolong the service of this one man.

Next MM used a sample of a “two horse races for seats in three constituencies of 5000 people each.” He continued to say that “the winners of the two seats are from the BN with 3000 votes, while the 3rd seat is won by the Opposition with also 3000 votes, then simple mathematics shows that the BN raked in 8000 votes or on average 4000 votes each for TWO seats, while the Opposition won 7000 votes but only got one seat.

BN Opposition Total Result
Constituency A 3000 2000 5000 BN
Constituency B 3000 2000 5000 BN
Constituency C 2000 3000 5000 Opp
8000 7000 15000

8000 should be divided by 3 and NOT 2! 8000 divided by 3 is 2666.67. So it is NOT 4000. Why must MM add 2000 from constituency C to get his total of 8000 and yet divide by 2? Hello MM. We are not born yesterday!

In the 1969 General Elecions the Alliance won less than 50% of the total votes cast but controlled two thirds of the parliamentary seats.

The smart man and his gang at the EC knows area by area of the voter’s mood and political inclination. They worked full time on this and is drawing taxpayers’ money as their gaji. They have to please their political master. They can manipulate and command who to win and who to lose by adjusting the election boundary and injecting or subtracting the voters in any constituency.

An example is the EC’s injection of 5000 voters from a nearby district and 3500 postal voters into the present Ipoh Timor Parliamentary Constituency on the eve of the coming GE. So before the voting starts, any idiot will know who will win in Ipoh Timor. The Opposition nearly lost Bukit Bintang in the last GE because of the postal voters.

The Smart man have his list of “BN likely win section” and “BN likely lose section”. His manipulation is very badly needed. The Constitution has to change to allow him to fiddle at least for one more year. They control who to win and who to lose by their BLWinS and BLLoseS. The Opposition want a transparent GE. So they will be providing transparent ballot boxes to “insult” the Opposition. During the last GE, voting time was extended by the whims and fancies of the Presiding Officers who behave like little Napoleons.

Yours truly

James OPH

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