Monday, April 21, 2008

Swearing in rehearsal today

I attended the rehearsal this morning. Sdr Teng will be nominated as Speaker for the coming session of Selangor State Assembly Hall.

Today's papers reported that the Selangor DUN has created two history, first one is that we are the first DUN with a non Malay speaker, and secondly, we are also the first DUN with a female Deputy Speaker, who is an ADUN from Taman Medan, PJ.

The photo shows the rehearsal going on when Teng 'took his oath' as speaker. Not to forget to tell you that all BN ADUNs absent from the swearing in rehearsal. This clearly shows that they are still very much embedded with their own primitive political mindset.

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Unknown said...

Pakatan Rakyat can be seen as creating first in many things. Its no wonder BN in parliament also gives pominence to the speaker post after what they saw the importance of the post at state level.

The absence of BN ADUNs can only show their arrogant mindset. This we believe they have done it with ill intention. Firstly we don't see a rehearsal as something which give them reason to boycott. This is not debating on important policy matters.