Sunday, April 20, 2008

Teng as Speaker, Haniza as Deputy Speaker

I went to Shah Alam this morning. The MB announced Pakatan Rakyat's nomination for the Selangor DUN Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

Sdr Teng Chang Khim, DAP ADUN for Sungai Pinang will be nominated as Speaker on Tuesday, while Sdri Haniza Talha, PKR ADUN for Taman Medan will be nominated as Deputy Speaker.


Sunny Chng said...

Hi Saudara Teng,

Congratulations on your pending election as the Speaker of the Selagor Assembly.

Well done.

Bets regards.

Sunny Chng

Unknown said...

Finally we have a win-win situation for everyone.

In order to avoid the mistakes of MPs not meeting deadline for question submission, I suggest there's centralised control for all ADUNs in the party. Those newcomers should be given briefings by the seniors on what to do.

In order for elected newcomers to learn as much as they can, it is advisable for them to open their service centre full time. Please do not emulate what BN does.

Those who open one or two evenings are not making use of their rented premises fully. They should be exposed to all sorts of complaints from the public so that they can gain more knowledge. Only when they have become seasoned politician, they can work smart by delegating work to their assistants but with responsibility.