Monday, March 14, 2016

Firefly should at least apologise to women for objectifying female in their advertisements

Media statement by DAP ADUN for Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San on 14th March 2016 in Petaling Jaya:

Although Firefly has already the two heavily criticized advertisements featuring the bottoms of a female from its social media website, the leading low cost carries wholly owned by Malaysia Airlines should have also tendered an unreserved apology to women for such women objectification.

It is simple not enough for Firefly to withdraw its "bottom advertisements", only to tell the people that their advertisement is not meant to "offend any people". At the minimum, Firefly should apologise to the women in this country. 

This is necessary as this is not the first time Firefly comes out with such advertisement in social and printed media. The following Firefly advertisement also appeared in our papers sometimes in July 2015. It seems that Firefly has a special instinct on their advertisements.

This incident should also serve a warning, not only to Firefly but other merchant to be more gender-sensitive in advertising their business. Malaysians should bear in mind that it is not only Firefly that should be reprimanded as many airlines operators in this country has the tendency to objectify women in their advertisements. It is time for them to be more gender-sensitive and put real effort in improving their services to the passengers at affordable prices.

Lau Weng San
ADUN Kampung Tunku

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