Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Council Attending To Recreational Needs Of SEA Park Residents

MBPJ is trimming and cutting down wild trees and grasses growing at an open public park located at Jalan 21/27, SEA Park today.

My office lodged a personal complaint to the council and reported that the park was not well maintained since several years ago although MBPJ has been maintaining other parks quite well.

The overgrown grasses and tree branches had blocked motorists' views and even streetlights at night and pose danger to motorists, pedestrian and children playing in the playground.

The park, though small, is the only public park available at Petaling Jaya SEA Park. Most lands in this area are fully developed and there is barely any open space or public parks available for people in SEA Park.

I congratulate the council for attending to the recreational needs of the people in SEA Park.

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